Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Hustler - Flash Fiction Challenge

Here's another flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig's Terribleminds. The aim was to write a 100 words...

And voila!

The Hustler - 100 words

“It was a pleasure, boys...” crooned the huckster, his smile gleaming white. He was sure of his victory, raking the chips back towards himself.

“BANG!” shouted the gun that Tyson pulled, his face a snarl in red and livid white. He was sure no oily huckster was going to fiddle him at cards.

One-Eye's knife said nothing as it sang its quiet song, coming to rest on Tyson's mottled throat. He wasn't sure about anything; still, he had the money he needed, the prisoner he wanted and the cheat's corpse at his feet.

Now, time for a drink.


  1. Ewe! This is now my favorite. Great use of words, nice action.

    1. Thanks Angie!

      Glad you liked the story and cheers for leaving some feedback; much appreciated.


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