Monday, 23 September 2013

What's Been Happening to Poor, Hapless James

1. I have been writing!

Some of these will not make it onto this site (too long, too crap or simply being shopped out to markets), but there have been the following stories produced. I'm even very proud of some of these for now:

A rewrite of “The Last Street Samurai” (from 1000 to 1500 words)
A rewrite of the story “Tribunal” (from 1000 words to 5000)
A story for the Clarkesworld cyborg anothology (in progress)
A crowdsourced story for my writing group (5000 words)
A short story competition for the writing group again (8000 words)
A bit of ongoing work on my novel idea.
A short story called “After the End” for the BSFA competition (5000 words, missed submission)

Some of these will find themselves on here in due course and I'm sure more flash fiction will follow.

2. I have been recording!

I am part of a podcast with some of my fellow writing group members and chaired ably by Michaela the organiser of the Cola Factory, which you can find here:

I'm not saying I'm magically charming and knowledgeable, but I like to think that the discussions are quite fun and relaxed. If you have any comments about anything I've said, just let me know; I'm always happy for a chat and enjoy the chance to talk about genre fiction.

So far we have discussed movies, books and the relative hardness of science fiction and the apparent absence of hard sci-fi. Also coming soon is a series of episodes featuring the Glasgow genre fiction scene and this chap and the prevalence or otherwise of zombies in fiction and, slightly differently, good zombie fiction.

3. Been reading!

Lots of stuff, but a (very) recent favourite was Deadpool, The Complete Collection, Vol. 1; made me laugh out loud several times this morning and, if you have a suitably absurdist sense of humour, is something I heartily recommend!

Also, I've been enjoying a bit of Stross, retreading over the Honor Harrington series by Weber, listening to Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan and finishing off the Vorkosigan saga. Very enjoyable and now dovetailing into a series of nonfiction titles.

PS. Listening to Morgan now and the reader is doing a purely comic delivery for a sex scene – been giggling for the last three minutes.